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About Professional One Real Estate

The concept of Professional One Real Estate, says broker/owner Michael McClure, is simple: "The real estate industry has in many respects lost sight of the fact that the business is about satisfying clients. And you satisfy clients by providing great service. And you provide great service by educating, training and supporting your agents to make them the best in the industry. Our Guaranteed Services Policy is the angle that gives real legitimacy to our contention that we are the best in the industry. This policy forces us to deliver on our claim of being a superior service provider. Most of the big national franchises are based on the misguided concept that "bigger is better." This is the result of the fact that brokers' profit margins have been shrinking for many years, so a brokerage does not make much money from a given individual agent, which means you must have a lot of agents to survive. Narrow margins, in turn, create unwillingness on the part of companies to invest in their most important assets: the individual agents. This is why turnover in the industry is so high, and why the average income for a beginner in real estate is so low. Common sense would tell you that companies that operate in this fashion won't be able to sustain long term success. The end result of this all-too-common dynamic is an erosion of consumer confidence - which has obviously happened in our industry along with a corresponding increase in people buying and selling real estate without realtors." (Click here to continue reading Professional One Real Estate Press Release dated November 1, 2004).

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